October 17, 2016


A message from Gil Harrington:

Dear Friends, Seven years ago today, I helped my Morgan choose an outfit which was both warm, and permitted energetic dancing for the Metallica concert. She was so excited to see the band play that night at the John Paul Jones Arena at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. When she was in her car, in our driveway, she checked her lipstick in the rear view mirror, and then smiled at me as she waved, "Two-four-one, Mama!" She was beautiful and happy as she drove away, full of potential, my precious daughter, Morgan.

On this seventh anniversary of Morgan's murder, the first since we achieved justice, Dan and I remain grateful for the support of our ever-growing community of Help Save the Next Girl volunteers and friends. Because of your tireless work and ongoing kindness, our non-profit has made safety the cool message in schools and on campuses. We are proud to have partnered with law enforcement, developed strong ties with local and national media, and to have changed laws to keep Virginia's children safer.

We still reel as we ask ourselves, How can it be that our Morgan's destiny was to intersect with and to die by the hands of a serial murderer? Despite that evil act, Dan and I have been constantly humbled by the generous outpouring of kindness and the sheer goodness of people who have responded to our tragedy. We mourn our Morgan, our dragon-dancer, every day, and we will always be incredibly grateful for the countless blessings we have received.

Your love has carried us through the darkness and enabled us to move forward to continue to grow and become better human beings.

Thank you.



New Growth T-Shirts

This October 17th, Help Save the Next Girl offers a new shirt, Morgan's favorite color, royal purple, with bright green lettering.

This is the green of new growth. Even though we are entering the cold seasons, Help Save the Next Girl chooses new growth, new strength, gratitude, and forward motion, because we know that, together, we WILL Help Save the Next Girl.

Help Save the Next Girl thought you would like to see the boxes in which the shirts arrive. By coincidence, the company is "GILDAN." Gil and Dan stand together by Morgan's bed in this photo, with Morgan's crazy little dog Kirby trembling during the photo shoot because he doesn't like boxes and he was unsure why he had to wear a green ribbon. But he tried to smile for the camera.

We thank you so much.

Jane Lillian Vance


7th Year Tribute Video



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