Starting in 2010, Help Save The Next Girl has saturated multi-media platforms. The following is a selection of videos of our organization at work.


Kilimanjaro Tribute

Docs for Morgan

Virginia Missing Persons Day

Virginia Missing Persons Day is April 28


Gil Harrington sits down with WDBJ7 anchor Chris Hurst

Morgan Harrington's Story

7th Year of Innocence

HSTNG - Superheroes

48 Hours: HSTNG Chalk the Wall

48 Hours: Inside a "Help Save The Next Girl Meeting"

Roanoke Remembers

In-Depth: Team Justice Forms for Morgan Harrington

Coach Scott Thomas PSA

Coach Beamer Springtime PSA

Gil Harrington on Alexis Murphy Case


Gil Harrington Tries to Help Find Alexis Murphy

Gil Harrington and Laura Murphy

Metallica PSA

Help Save The Next Girl PSA
























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