Resources for Victims' Families

"The missing phase is an excruciating and bewildering time. Our family knows these resources to be genuine and  to have integrity."

Gil Harrington

Immediate Action

If you believe your loved one is missing, report this event
to your local police. Time is critical. You may access police in this
emergency through 911. They will want descriptions of the missing person
and clothing they were wearing.

If your missing loved one is 17 years old and younger, request that the
police initiate an Amber Alert.

If your missing loved one is an endangered senior, request that the
police initiate a Silver Alert.

Try to stay out of the missing person's room or area where they spend the
most time. Law enforcement may need scent items from these areas for
their search efforts.

Gather recent photos for Law Enforcement to aid in search effort and plan on meeting with them ASAP.


Virginia Missing Person Family Resource Guide

Please review the step by step Virginia Missing Person Family Resource Guide provided by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. This guide is great tool for anyone who might have a missing loved one. 


Who To Contact: 

  • If your loved one has gone missing, and is under 18 years old:

                    National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC)


  • If your love one has gone missing, and is over 18 years old:

                    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System




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